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Japanese Media Recommendations

In this section, you will find a few links to media recommendations and most importantly, my recommendation spreadsheet.

Japanese media recommendation spreadsheet

I am hosting a Japanese media recommendation spreadsheet that you can find here. If you would like to help me add to it, please use this Google Form and don't forget to give a difficulty description as well as the title. Please do not recommend things you haven't read or watched in Japanese yourself.

Just give me a few VNs to read please!

Fine. This is ordered by difficulty with each tier being a step up except potentially for the last two tiers which are not too far apart in difficulty. Most of these works are 18+.

VN recs

Other recommendations

Here you can find a few other recommendation lists.

Chronopolize's VN difficulty list

A really good VN list from Chronopolize with descriptions for each levels.

jamal's VN chart

Simple and effective chart listing various good VNs in their difficulty bracket.

This more general list

A pretty good list with mostly visual novel recommendations but also video games and manga.

Dinuz's VN list

Short and sweet with only a few titles but an explanation of the difficulty of each VN.

Adam's difficulty level guide

Written by the author of Jalup, huge list of recommendations ordered by difficulty for all kinds of Japanese media.


A recommendation website listing Japanese games, manga and YouTube by difficulty.


VNDB is a really cool website that lets you search for visual novels using tags. You can then use JPDB to see some stats about that visual novel (provided it is on JPDB). The difficulty rating is a bit artificial however so I wouldn't trust it too much.